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Noyack Medical Partners LLC is a leading healthcare real estate investment and operating company founded in 2001 by CJ Follini. The Follini family has been active in municipal development and heavy building (John F. Kennedy Airport, Whitestone Bridge, and the US Open Tennis Center) in New York City and the surrounding tri-state area since the 1920 s

Though our company operates nationally in the acquisition, development, financing, physician-ownership, leasing and management of medical office buildings and related healthcare properties, we are one of the few firms that target the Northeastern United States. Headquartered in New York City, our firm has been involved in $200 million of healthcare acquisitions in the last three years alone. And in 2008, our company and partners commenced the development of a phased $250 million integrated senior lifestyle campus on 23 acres in Westchester County, New York that is designed to premium LEED standards of sustainability. This project is the largest senior living development undertaken in the United States.

Hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the U.S. face an economic crisis. The rising costs of newer technology, difficult entitlement demands, and greater competition create extraordinary operational and facilities challenges for all medical professionals and health systems. Our sterling track record and reputation throughout the real estate finance industry enables Noyack Medical Partners to easily attract capital for projects and more flexible financing terms, which we pass on to our clients in the form of lower rental rates thus giving them a true competitive advantage.

Why should valued healthcare administrators and physicians be forced to choose real estate investment demands over patient care? Noyack Medical Partners provides the most innovative solutions informed by its specialized knowledge of healthcare real estate, finance, and leasing and understanding of the physician-hospital relationship. Noyack Medical manages all its properties and takes a personal interest in their condition and success of its clients. Accountability begins and ends with our executives.