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Building Relationships And Buildings

Noyack Medical is a vertically integrated development firm with many years of property development experience providing clients exceptional products and services. We serve clients and partners through a collaborative approach to real estate development and the capability to structure your project in any number of ways from full equity ownership to hospital joint venture, from synthetic ground leases to physician partnership. Our flexibility alleviates you risk. Our detailed services include:

* Market feasibility report
* Capacity analysis
* Financial feasibility
* Site selection and master-planning including environmental review
* Engage architect and oversee all architectural design documents
* Guide all sustainable design initiatives and monitor LEED application
* Direct zoning and entitlement procurement
* Budget preparation and detailed underwriting analysis
* Prepare market analysis for competitive medical office property in region.

* Physician Interest Surveys and Meetings
* Development of marketing materials and conducting physician interviews
* Lease preparation and negotiations
* Prepare underwriting packaging and procure equity and debt
* As leases are executed, direct the project architect to custom design tenant suites and provide the tenant/architect with design criteria and quality material selections.
* Provide equity requirements and obtain construction and permanent financing as required
* Pre-qualify local contractors for bidding
* Supervise project architect on completing construction documents for the building shell and core
Obtain building permits

* Identification, engagement and coordination of architects, engineers and consultants
* Prepare custom tenant suite plans
* Budget preparation, controlling and cost monitoring
* Prepare bid packages to pre-qualified local contractors
* Manage all phases of construction
* Coordinate and supervise all marketing initiatives
* Secure occupancy permits and assist tenant re-location