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Our Values

Our recently deceased Chairman, Charles Follini Sr., began his career as a highly decorated fireman for the NYFD and was awarded the Walter Scott Medal of Valor by Mayor O Dwyer. His integrity, character and commitment to public service imbues our organization from the bottom up and shapes our actions and every decision we make.

We at Noyack Medical Partners choose tenant satisfaction as our primary goal. In fact, we created the TenantPrime program in which the fundamentals are simple:

* Satisfying our clients/tenants is most important. Period.
* Find ways to increase efficiency for our clients/tenants.
* Results matter - deliver on our commitments and be accountable for
our work.
* Be honest and forthright at all times.
* The humility and respect we show our employees and vendors bring value to our clients/tenants.

We are proud to diligently follow these principles with enthusiasm and a genuine enjoyment for our way of doing business. This program has served us well and we have been rewarded with gratified clients/tenants, impassioned employees, and loyal investors.

Noyack Medical s innovative team seeks to identify strategies that allow us to make our clients/tenants work more productively. We keep looking so you don't have to.

Environmental Conscience
We recognize that we have a responsibility as corporate citizens to minimize our environmental footprint. So we continually seek ways to reduce waste, use energy more efficiently, and operate more sustainably in all of our real estate endeavors. We spend considerably to regularly upgrade our assets to accomplish this and pass the green savings on to our clients/tenants.